About hhc (we promise, it won't be boring)


High Heels Club is a women’s club based in London. 

We organise trips to bars, pubs, museums, exhibitions, theatre, parties, picnics, snow trips, surf trips and anything you can think of.

High Heels Club is a great way to meet new people and make new friends, whether you are a foreigner, a native, or a tourist.

The deal here is to take you, and your friends out to have the best time of your life , and if  you don't have friends (which let's be honest, is really common in London), we will find you new ones !

To attend  any event, you only need to go to HHC Events page, pick the event you like,  then click  I'm in, and get ready to enjoy life, the way life is meant to be enjoyed.


Why join High Heels Club?

1. Make new friends every week (friends you actually know).

2.  Opportunity to attend different events, go to different places and experience new things.

3. Feel welcomed by our HHC Events Manager on every event you join us.

4.  Save money and get discounts from everywhere you go with us .

5. Get freebies and goodie bags.

6. Live every day as if was it’s your last!



How do I make friends with High Heels Club?

All events are hosted by HHC Events Manager.

HHC Events Manager is responsible for meeting you at the meeting point, and ensure you feel comfortable within the group and most important, to guarantee that you enjoy the event and get the chance to chat and meet everyone.

 HHC Events Manager also makes sure that there are no disagreements between members or guests.



Which events does High Heels Club organize?

 Lunches, dinners, trips to museums, bars, pubs, clubs, theatres, exhibitions, parks, beach trips, snow trips, surf trips, travelling, Christmas, New Year’s Eve parties and any other thing you can think of.



Why is High Heels Club for women only?

We absolutely love men, but this is our time to talk about our concerns and nonsenses; to cry, laugh or just goof around. Because let’s be honest:

women have lot of fun when they are together
— High Heels Club Team

That’s why we created this little oasis, where we can forget all the responsibilities and just be ourselves. But relax, there will be men, but only on selected events.


Who are High Heels Club members and guests?



HHC members and guests are people who know how to enjoy life,  are not judgmental (or at least try to be as less as possible), respect and embrace all ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations.  They are married, single, divorced women on their early twenties and late thirties and are keen to meet new people and make new friends. They might have their group of friends, but they are open to the opportunity to make more friends and meet other people outside their friends circle( because let's face it, friends are never too many). Our members and guests love new experiences, are open minded and always have the best attitude when going out to new places  (it's the "if it's not fun, we will make it fun" attitude).  They love life as it comes, cease every moment of their day and regret only the moments they haven't lived. 



Who belongs to High Heels Club Team?

Maria (Mary) and Camila Brito are the ones that will be having fun with you at every event.

We are both event managers but, Camila will be the one recording and capturing our best moments!

Get to know us a little bit more on HHC Team page


What social media does High Heels Club use?

 Click the links below and follow us, like us, "stalk us" and leave your comments .