Account & Payments


How can I delete my High Heels club account?

We are complication-free, which means,  we won't bother you with sign up, sign in and login stuff and you are more than welcome to come back whenever you want.

There's no membership contract for members. If you've paid membership fee for this month, it's not mandatory to pay the next month. Membership payment is only required if would like to have discounts on every event, freebies and all HHC benefits.

In case you wish to attend the event as a member for the next month,we will issue a new membership discount code, and you only have to pay for the event with your new discount code, wait for your email confirmation et voilà!

To attend as a guest you only have to select the event, make your payment and wait for your email confirmation.


Do I have to pay to attend High Heels Club events?

High Heels Club members are required to pay a £20 membership.

 Guests a £7 event fee for every event they attend.


What payment methods are available at High Heels Club?

All the payments need to be made through direct debit. Our direct debit payment is easy and safe, and offers all the security for you to make your payment without freaking out. 

We also offer bank transfer. But we advice you to only use this payment method, when we ask you to do so.

We offer the following payment methods:

Credit card logos

Does the membership payment cover event expenses?

The membership payment gives you discounts at all HHC events, however, does not cover event expenses.


Membership refunds

There are no membership refunds.


Event refunds

If for some reason you already paid for an event but you cannot attend, you must warn us 3  days prior to the commencement of the event to get your money back. There won't be issued any refunds past the 2 days period.

For Express Events (events advertised with a short notice period), we will only issue a refund in case you contact us 3 hours before the event.