Gifts & Bonus


Why High Heels Club has gifts and bonus?

Happiness is only real when shared
— Christopher McCandless

It wouldn't make sense for us to create a company that doesn't give anything back to its customers . That's why we thought that giving away good stuff could be a good way to say thank you and bring Christmas to you every month.


How do I get discounts, freebies and all the benefits from High Heels Club?

All event prices are discounted for members.

Freebies, gifts and bonus are random benefits, which means, that if you are a member you can get these benefits any time of the month.

These perks are attributed randomly,  without preference for any member, but the more you participate in our events, the greater the chances of receiving more than one benefit per month.

You need to attend at least two or more events per month to receive all these good things.


How can I receive my freebies?

You will get a text message asking you what is your preferred method to receive your freebie (post, or in person). Once we get your reply , we will deliver your freebie to the place you chose most convenient.


What are High Heels Club challenges?

Challenges are fun and harmless tasks that we propose to our members and guests to complete.

These challenges might require you to be fearless and bold - no, we won't ask you to jump out  of a building or do something where you might hurt yourself. Again, challenges are harmeless and are meant to get you out of your comfort zone,  without hurting you physically or emotionally.


Life isn't worth living

without trying new things


How challenges work?

Challenges work based on a point system,  which means that once a member or guest completes a challenge, receives a certain amount of points associated with that challenge.

All points accumulated give you bonus or free stuff. It can be anything: the boots or the top you always wanted,  your oyster card topped up,  gift cards,  free membership for a month, and even a little help with your groceries.

Bonus also work wonders for guests, because when guests achieve 100 points they get free membership for a month and are automatically entitled to receive all the good stuff we offer.


What is a bonus?

A bonus is a treat we give to our members for being a High Heels Club member.

Unlike guests, members don't need to complete or participate in our challenges to get a bonus, they can get all the perks any time of the month.

Bonus are distributed randomly, which means any member at any time ofthe month can get a bonus.

If you are a member and want to get  a bonus regularly you only need to be fearless and participate in our challenges.


How do I get my bonus?

We will propose a challenge to any member or guest attending the event . The challenge can be assigned to anyone (excluding male guests).

Before the event you will receive a message with your challenge and you only have to reply I'm in or I'm out.

If you reply I'm in and complete the challenge , we will send you a message confirming how awesome you are and how many points you've got by completing the challenge.



Who's entitled to participate on HHC challenges and receive the bonus?

 Members and guests are entitled to participate on HHC challenges and receive bonus.

However, the first valid points (100 points) will be converted into free month membership for guests. Once a guest becomes a new member, she is entitled to receive all HHC perks. 

If  you'rea member, the first  valid points will be converted into benefits.