Real women? What's that nonesense?

Skin care products and retail companies always talk about real women. What do they really mean? They mean curvy, skinny women, something in between? 

If your blood, urine and feces analysis show you're fine, then you're fine. Don't feel guilty if you still didn't lose your pregnancy weight, or if you're not curvy or skinny enough. But do feel guilty if you start starving yourself to look like A, B, or C or to fit into those "-1" size jeans.

Read this out loud to yourself: I AM ENOUGH! the only thing required from you, is to be healthy and happy . Eat without guilt and embrace your body the way it was given to you.

You might say is not easy to accept whatever mother nature gave to you, but let's say you lose a member of your body, a leg, hand, harm. Don't you think that in that situation fit into society body shape molds, would be the least of your concerns? Always think: if I lose part of my body , would I still care how much I weight and how imperfect I think my body looks like?

Treasure what was given to you,  because you don't know for how long you might still have it.

Maria NgunzaComment