What guys want?


Wow! this one is quite a topic... .

To be honest I have absolutely no idea about what guys are looking for in a woman, it can be anything, it all depends on what's happening in his life.

But one thing is for sure, if you like a guy and he doesn't text you back/answer your calls/or has a basic interest about you, then leave it. No, he's not really busy or too busy (we tend to make time for the people we like or want to hang out with). Like every human being, when a guy wants to be around you, he will move earth and sea to see you or at least to show that he cares.

There's not much explanation to this, it's basic and simple. No answer, no calls, no nothing:move on, because a guy that really wants you might be looking for you and you're wasting your time with the one that barely notices your presence. What if...he always comes up with excuses (my fish died and I had to wash the dishes), it works exactly the same way:bin him.

Do not let a guy or anybody put you "on hold" during Summer time, where everyone is looking hot and tanned, please go out with us or with your friends and find someone else, the world is full of people and believe there's still great guys out there.


Maria NgunzaComment