The hidden secret behind House Parties and BBQ's.

Since ages all sorts of events have taken place at house parties and BBQ's: networking, make friends, get drunk, have sex in a room that is not yours (nodding my head one this one, because if it's your house, you will be the one doing the laundry the day after, if you know what I mean)  and get a girl or guy that hopefully will become something yours (we're not talking about f#ck buddies, the world has too many of those and you don't need a house party to find them).

House parties are a great way to get to know your soul mate. Why? because they work more or less like Facebook, but better.Let's say you saw a girl/guy and you liked him/her, who do you think is going to be your wingman/woman? a friend of a friend who knows that person, or even better- the host that can easily introduce you to that amazing human being or give you his/her number in case you're too shy or too drunk to say hi.

It doesn't fail:the environment is cozy, intimate, people are relaxed and the music is often not too loud.

Now, if you're invited to one of these amazing house parties or BBQ make sure you don't act desperate (pleeease nooo, they will talk about you the whole week), don't drink until you throw up, and don't take all the best pieces of chicken or whatever meat they have there for yourself and most important:don't be vegan (joking).

The rest is just enjoy the moment and go with a flow. Now that you know basic house party and BBQ etiquette, we can actually invite you to HHC singles house party happening soon so, stay tuned or you will miss the chance to get your hands on the most eligible bachelors in London (no jokes, we will be OCD fussy on this one).

See you there,



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