The perks of being single in London

This post is dedicated to you (you know who you are ).

This is a topic for days, but the truth is that being single is awesome, but you've got to keep yourself active.

Go out, try new stuff, get involved in different activities, do charity, come to High Heels Club events (because advertisement haha) do sports, make yourself busy and helpful, don't just stand there waiting for good things to happen, make it happen! 

Even if you don't have many friends there's so many things you can do when you're single.You're freee!!! you sleep wherever you want, you don't need to share the pizza or the wine all the time, no holding farts, no holding burps, no waxing, you can go full Shrek and be happy about it.

Sure, it is good to share life with somebody, but by the end of the day you might be single only because you want. My mum always said to me: for every pan there's a lid. If you feel like you didn't find your "lid", enjoy and embrace being single, because once you get the guy, there will be times that you will wish to be single again. In case you're really mental to get a boyfriend go to: . Here you will not only find a guy in a organic and normal way (much better than Tinder), but you will also get to meet tons of nice people and make new friends, they have loads of different groups and you can join for free (at least you could, last year).

Give it a try and then share your experience with us ;)