How not to be lonely in London


Everybody thinks, once they land in London, they will have tons of people waiting for them to be their bff's. It won't happen like this. First, because it's hard to meet, people tend to be busy all the time with their 3000 jobs. Second, because everything is faaar as hell, South East, North West , you name it, people just won't meet if they live too far apart, or they will, but you need to give them a strong reason. Third, is just too cold (there's no such thing as Summer here).

But there's hope for people who are really keen to make friends in London and get the best of this weird and amazing city. We will make a set of posts to help you find friends in London.

The first website or "online place" where you can make friends and go to tons of socials is: citysocializer.

This website enables you to get to know people by choosing with which person or people you would like to go out. Lately this website evolved into something like "if facebook and tinder had a child" if you know what I mean. It's great to make friends, meet new people and maybe, meet the love of your live. 

On citysocializer you can join different types of socials where you will get to meet people from all walks of life. 

Price? quite cheap.You can pay £9.99 per month to find friends and groups according to your interests and join them for socials near you, and it seems like pretty much like High Heels Club, you get perks for being a member *cough* , a socializer .

Just to let you know, if you wish to host a social/event, you can do it, but you won't be able to reply any message until you pay the monthly fee. Yes, honey, they charge you to host events...but at least you don't pay to go to socials (unless you want to send a message to the host).

Enough of talk-talk, click the link and see it for yourself:

Have fun and tell us about your experience. On the next post we will unveil more places for you to make friends in London.

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