How to live cheap in London

What cost tons of money in London? the rent. but even that, you can get cheap, if you set up a budget and don't take the first room or apartment you see. I will make a list on how and where to get cheap stuff such as: rent, clothes, food, furniture and homewear.

Let's start with the rent.

Cheap rent

You can get together with your long-term boyfriend/girlfriend and split the rent, or do the same with your best friend. If you're renting on your own, go for private landlords, because you can avoid those crazy agency fees and pricey deposits.

If you have some money saved and want to rent an apartment for long-term with a few friends, you can either choose to rent with an agency or private landlord. In this case might be better with an agency, because when there's more than two people renting an apartment there's always disputes, that are easily solved if you have a contract with an agency.


Before renting a room or apartment set up a budget, that allows you to pay the rent , but also have money for travelling, eat, pay other expenses , buy clothes etc... .It's not worth it to pay a pricey rent and use your home to only sleep and eat.


Morrisons, Aldi, Lidl, Tesco,Sainsbury's, Iceland: those are the cheapest and with the greatest deals. If you're feeling too lazy to go to your local store, make a shopping list and buy your food for the month online. Don't go to your local store everyday to buy one tomato, one orange, because you will end up spending more money. To buy vegetables and fruits always go to your local market where you will find those lovely £1 bowls of fruits and veggies , super tasty and with great quality.

Eat at home. Make your own meals and take food to work, this will make you save sooo much money.

Furniture and homewear

For furniture, the king is IKEA , but if you're not into DIY (do it yourself) stuff, go for a those second hand furniture shops. They often have really cool stuff for a tempting price. To dress your home, you can choose Primark , Zara Home or H&M. 

For those last two I advise you to shop online, on sale, or to have a look at their weekly offers.


If you're looking for quality and great deals throughout the year, buy online, it's amazing the things you can find online these days. In case you don't like online shopping ,always buy at the end of the season, always! Retailers need to get rid of Summer clothes when the good weather is gone, the same rule applies for Winter clothes. If those two options don't work for you, pay a weekly visit to you favourite stores, because they are likely to have a discounts, or promotions.

If you're okay with using clothes which belonged to someone else, you can find really cool and trendy items on charity shops (£1 stuff!), or vintage online shops. Ah! almost forgot the outlets. You can find loads of outlet online clothes stores, with great prices.

Hopefully this post was helpful to help you save some money, but if you or your friends have any tips, please share with us :)