When you're a unapologetic loser...


Since we were children the world always expect us to be someone, perhaps a doctor a lawyer, a engineer (yes, because being a secretary is not being someone- *sigh*). 

Forget all that crap. Are you happy with your life? yes? then screw everybody. You're not hurting yourself or anyone and you're doing what you want, and you are where you want to be in life, then you're perfect. There's always space for improvement, but don't try to change to fit, because the coolest thing is the simple fact that you don't fit. 

Topic closed.

If you're feeling like sh*t, hating your life, your job, the people around you and you have the power to change it, then my friend: you're a loser, but to yourself not anyone else. Read again:you're a loser to yourself.Because you're owing to yourself to be happy and fulfilled.

Now, this doesn't mean is not normal to be a loser, we will be losers , we are losers sometimes , but it shouldn't be a way of living for us. It should be something that we take measures to change, otherwise our life is going to be a hell on earth. Want to change it? cool, then do it.

Afraid to change it? is more than natural and human to fear change. Best way to overcome fear it's:planning. Let's say, you want to leave your job- calm down, don't give me that "is not possible look". If you want to leave your job, write down on a paper, what possible solutions you can find to fill this gap, and I'm telling you, that you will be dumbfounded, when you realise there's a solution. And you know why you will find a solution? because on that moment, when you're writing down your strategy you will (even if you feel like is a joke) believe that this can happen.

My advice is:to change, start believing as if it were a joke, and then you will see the joke becoming into reality , and you will become the "unapologetic loser",living the life you want, and not the life people expect you to live.

And one more thing, if someone is pressuring you to be a doctor, lawyer, a engineer, remember:the world is full of unhappy people with Bsc, Msc, and Phd (university degrees). So if you're happy being whatever you want to be, then be it, because even if you have 1000 lives, it's not worth it to waste one of those lives to please other people.