To diet or not to diet


The answer is: absolutely not to diet, unless you have a health problem.

What's the point of telling yourself not to eat , if you're going to eat anyway? Diets are like those relationships that you know from the beginning that you're not going to work together, but for some reason you still insist on having a boyfriend/girlfriend. 

I understand you want to be fit, slim (I don't know what you want to be to, be honest), less fat, whatever, but what's the point of being all that if you're not happy? 

But, if you really want to resist the temptation (sort of) here are some tips:

Buy expensive!

Do you want to eat a cake or cookies? Get the best, with the best ingredients, best quality, the most expensive! Because when you buy really expensive food, something needs to give up:or your wallet or your mouth.

Go to the gym

Yeah...this might happen on the first week of January and first week of June. So I think I can pass this one (don't even know why I mentioned).

Eat what you like everyday, but less.

Don't buy the whole pizza, get a slice. Don't buy the whole cake, buy instead a slice. You got the idea right? 

If you're avoiding, then don't buy it.

It's time to do the groceries and you're going to buy ice cream, chocolate cake for PMS days, loads of frozen stuff for lazy Mondays-don't. If you don't have it at home you won't eat it .

Drink water first

When you think you feel hungry drink water first, it seems crazy, but it does help to eat less crap, because that will help you to feel full.

Find out what's bugging you

Food is not a therapy. You may be eating more, because you're stressed, or on your PMS, or dealing with a difficult situation. Bottom line is:food won't solve it. You may feel some relief, but that's it. After eating all that junk you still need to face the big P (problem).

Hopefully these tips will help you, if not, just eat. Sometimes we just need time to keep or stop doing certain things. It's maturity. You may first need to understand why you need to start a diet and if it's really necessary to do it. Whatever you do, just make sure is good for your physical and emotional health, ok?

Take care