Where and how to get free stuff in London?

You came all crazy, looking for an answer to this question. But I'm going to tell you something, the only things that are for free and are worth it, are:love, health, and breathing and go to a park (if you're lucky enough to have one near you).

You might find free stuff in London, those coca-cola samples, or even tiny bits of pizza, but you're not getting them for free, because the intention is for you to buy more. This is London people, they almost charge for us to breathe and you want quality stuff for free?

One of these days, when I was inviting someone to one of our events, a guy told me :"I thought it was for free". Who the hell sets up food and drinks for you, pays a venue and invite people for FREE, in London (unless they are your friends of course)? I ain't no Gatsby, so there are no free stuff. You always give something and get something. 

We at High Heels Club often say: get free stuff, free clothes, etc... but they aren't free. People need to be a member to get all this stuff, because we need to get the money out of somewhere to ensure that our company survives and we can keep hosting events for you.

But the freebies you get from us will definetly be more expensive than your membership, so yes you're saving tons of cash, but free is just a manner of speech, because you will be spending less than 5% on the item you will get from us. We are not here to bs* anybody, and everybody knows how a company works:you pay for something and you get that something. 

So, next time when you're looking for free stuff think about these three things you give for granted:love, health and breathing.