When you love Kimberley Kardashian West.


This one is quite a topic... .

Hating this woman is a trend and whilst we hate her, she builds an empire with clothing line, makeup line, games, several apps that I don't even know what they're for and an extremely popular reality show. She also features covers for Vogue Magazine, Elle, Esquire, Glamour, Bazaar and so on.

Apart from this she has 108 million followers on Instagram. Ok, so what is this? I mean you've got to love someone like this. People say she doesn't have any talent. I think she has many talents. One of them is becoming wealthy out of being hated. This woman or whoever is working with her or for her is a genius. She makes us for forget how lousy, boring our lives might be, with all the drama, tension she always brings to everything she does.

I don't know her, but I definetly admire her. The more people hate her, the wealthier and influent she gets. She is so influent that she managed to shape women's minds about the ideal type of body and even how we wear make up. She's not a role model and to be honest, it seems like people expect her to be only because she is a public figure and she has the responsibility of bla bla bla... . She doesn't have any responsability, we have! If we think her presence is poisonous we should stay away from her, ignore her, not hate her. There's so many things to hate and to bring awareness to, and we are here wasting our time hating a person that didn't murder anyone (not that I know). Bottom line is:what we hate grows exponentially, gains exposition, so let's hate what needs to be hated. Let's hate bullying, war, gun violence, homophobia, racism, sexism and make sure these issues become exposed, because Kim Kardashian is not as relevant as these issues to deserve our attention, hate and energy.