Come to my party, pleeeeaaase!

Now that we are in the mood of hosting parties it may be a good time for people to understand a little bit of what it takes to organise a basic event (a small party, a dinner etc...). I'm going to number a few  hateful aspects of being a promoter or an event manager, not like the majority cares, but it's something that people need to know.


1) We hate (I personally hate) to feel like we're bothering people

The majority of promoters, event managers etc... can agree that get people to join their events is the most difficult thing, at least when you're new in the market. All these messages you receive asking if you're finally coming or not, or asking you to join, are more a bothering for us than for you. But it happens that if we don't do it, we won't have people joining any event. And obvisouly, nobody wants to come to a ghost party

2) We would rather you to say NO

When you can't attend instead of ignoring our messages, because there's no way for us to guess what silence means, just say No. When you say No we move on to the someone that might be interested, and won't bother you anymore, unless you show interest in joining us. People have their lives and for many reasons are not always able to join us and that's cool because life is not an eternal party.

3) Last minute confirmations

When I say last minute, I mean 1-2 hours before the event confirmations, especially, when there's a deadline involved. When we organise a party from the scratch: drinks, food and  venue don't come out of nothing, because we need to pay for these things in advance to ensure that things go smoothly and you can have a great time at the party.

4) Our prices

Each of our parties cost £17.50 with drinks, food and venue included. This is London, you go to a pub you get a couple of drinks (no food) and you will end up spending more. Our prices will always be affordable and fair whether we become a big name in the events industry or not.  If we overcharge, we lose the most important :You,  and without you, there's no party, no fun, nothing.

It's also because of you that we endure to all these things .Because we love to see people enjoying a good time together, becoming friends, creating real connections and because we love to have fun with you. For this we will put up with all annoying things that hosting events brings and more. Hopefully you could understand that we don't mean to be annoying and  we're only trying to create a beautiful event for you.


Maria NgunzaComment