Where to make friends and get cheap drinks in London?

We all know that making friends in London and find an affordable place to drink is like finding a needle in a elephant's butt. But we came up with a solution: Friday Parties (the name changes sometimes but the concept is the same).

 Friday Parties are the perfect way for making friends and drink as much as you want (responsibly) whilst saving tons of cash!


The concept is simple: we invite people, set up all the snacks and drinks (wine, spirits and juices), you just need to join us and have a great time . And the best thing, is that you don't even need to stay until the end of the party, you can come, drink, eat and then go party somewhere else. Let's say you're going with your friends to a fancy bar in Mayfair, but you don't want to spend tons of money on that bar.

What can you do? You come to our party with your friends or solo, drink, eat, and go to your fancy bar, order one fancy cocktail and you're on it! Just like that an evening that usually costs you more than £50 will be extremely cheap. Because at Friday Parties you get to eat and drink for only £17.50 .

Let me repeat: you get to eat, drink as much as you want (responsibly) and make friends for only £17.50!! Did this ever happened to you in any London Bar or Pub?

You might say yes, but I don't think you get to make friends in a pub, unless you bring yours. Life is hard and we just want to make it easy and pleasant for you,  by bringing you all the elements to start your weekend in the best way possible: friends, affordable drinking, great music and food!

See you on Friday guys!

Join us for the next Friday Party here:https://www.higheelsclub.com/events/newfriendsandtonsofdrinks