Body world exhibition and late night drinks with friends

Body world exhibition and late night drinks with friends

from 5.00

Date and time: Saturday, 20th of October 2018 start at 3p.m until 12a.m.

Weather: 17 degrees max./9 degrees min. (no rain and cloudy)

Who’s coming: men and women who want to meet people, make new friends and want to have a life changing experience, where they will learn (with real human bodies), how our amazing body works.

About the events: The first event it’s so spectacular and life changing, that 68% of the visitors wanted a healthier lifestsyle, 25% engaged in more sports and activitoes and 33% started a healthier diet. Why? probably because Body Worlds in the only exhibition in the world using real human bodies, yup, wicked hein? People described the exhibition as “emotional, extraordinary and obviosly “life changing”. This event is pretty unique (video is below) and you won’t be the same after seeing this exhibition. After having your brain and soul recharged, we’re going to have some late night drinks to talk about shenanings or about Body World awesome exhibition.

People attending: 8 max.

Tickets for the exhibition available here

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Confirmation and payment deadline: Thursday, 18th of October until 10p.m .

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Amazing Body Worlds exhibition video!

How to join us for Body Worlds exhibition:

1) Purchase your ticket for Body Worlds exhibition here , for Saturday, 20th of October 2018,for the 3:15p.m session.

2) Sign up for the event (Body Worlds) at High Heels Club page and pay event fee. Event fee includes both Body Worlds and late night drinks with friends events.

3) Join us at the venue and see your life changing!


After the exhibition we will be heading to The Folly (venue pictures below).


Location and meeting point: Body Worlds exhibition is located 1 min.walking from Piccadilly Circus underground station (see map below), meeting point is at the venue entry.

Address:Body Worlds, London, The London Pavillion, 1 Piccadilly Circus, London W1J 0DA