Cinema night with friends

Cinema night with friends


Event date and time: Sunday, 13th of May 2018 at 7:30pm

This is the perfect event for a rainy Sunday: dinner, cinema and popcorn with friends. We will watch Avengers, because both girls and guys are cool with this movie. As you can see there’s no reason to stay at home, when you can have more fun doing what you do at home with your friends.

Event fee includes: popcorn (sweet or salted) and soft drink (coke, water, sprite, orange juice). Event fee does not include dinner and cinema ticket.

Only payment method to purchase your ticket for this event:BANK TRANSFER.

Details below:

Bank name:TSB

Account name:HHC

Sort code: 30-97-80

Account number:33635968



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Previous cinema night event.

Previous cinema night event.

Weather: 18 degrees rainy and cloudy

Dress code: a jacket, some denim (come comfortable and warm).

The movie

Avengers: We don't know anything about this movie, but it seems like it's a superheroes league (where's Batman? and why Hulk's shorts always look the same? whatever), something like that. We're just going to upload the link and let you decide.

Movie times: 7:30p.m

Running time:2 hours and 29 minutes,

I Feel Pretty

This is not a normal comedian and this is not a normal comedy. This movie is beyond hilarious and will teach you a lot about life and how people around you change, once you start appreciating yourself a little bit more than the usual. It tells the story of Renee Barrett that had never felt like one of the pretty girls, but her entire outlook changes when she accidentally gets knocked unconscious and wakes up believing she’s beautiful – and unstoppable.

Running time:1h50mn



Location details: 19 Regent St, St. James's, London SW1Y 4LR