Detox your Body, Mind and Soul

Detox your Body, Mind and Soul

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Hello everyone, 

We're sure this week was a stressful and it was a  huge reality shock. It's not easy to get out from all the partying and dancing and drinking and start working straight away without a peaceful start. This is what we aim with this event:to give you a proper start, with detox smoothies, juices, teas, food, music that will make you levitate and a meditation session to make you feel energized, refreshed , peaceful and ready!

Things you need to know:

Event starts at 4pm and ends at 8pm.

Meditation class lasts:30mn-1hour

Mixed event: men and women are invited.

Dress code: sweatpants, yoga trousers, anything that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, except pajamas).

Where to go: High Street Kensington Station. 

The event: most important of all, please be chilled and relaxed. We are going to do everything for you, so whatever you need, just ask :) .Once all the guests arrive, you will taste all the delicious detox food and drinks especially prepared for you. The menu is quite light and we tried to make sure it was tasty. After drinking, eating and chatting we will start the meditation class, which will last 30-60mn. It's entirely up to you what you would  like to do after, but we would love you to stay with us, to exchange some tips with the meditation teacher (which also teaches tai chi) and to enjoy the rest of the Sunday with us.

Drinks menu:


Berry smoothie, Cocoa Bliss smoothie, Green and clean smoothie.


Detox Herbal Tea

Elderberry and echinacea

Vanilla chai


Green fruits and vegetables, Orange juice, wild berries.

Food Menu

Organic houmus with carrots and celery sticks

Spinach Salad with cherry tomato, avocado, feta cheese and nuts with roasted plantain.

Variety of detox fruits (berries, apples, pomegranades etc...)

Venue pictures and map