After work drinks with friends

After work drinks with friends

from 5.00

Date and time: Friday, 19th of October 2018 at 7:30p.m until 11p.m .

Weather: 17 degrees max./7 degrees min. (no rain and cloudy)

Who’s coming: men and women who want to meet people, make new friends and enjoy great cocktails in the finest bars in London. People with a I’m going to have the best time of my life attitude and willing to sip every moment until the last bit.

About the event: you deserve the best, and we won’t disappoint because this bar was considered one of the best and most popular bars in Shoreditch for its coziness, absolutely gorgeous interiors and delicious cocktails.

People attending: 8 max.

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Confirmation and payment deadline: Thursday, 18th of October until 10p.m .

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Dress code: as one member of staff said: “no PJ’s and come looking nice” (smart casual ladies and gents).

Venue picture

Venue picture


Location and meeting point: The meeting point will be at the venue entrance. The bar is called Ninetyeight Bar and Lounge and it’s located 7-8 minutes from Shoreditch High Street Station.

Contact for questions:07858091072.