Friday Warm Up Party

Friday Warm Up Party


This is a party to make friends, get to know new people, maybe find the love of your life and then take it from there. The idea is to have some drinks in a chic venue, specially selected for this occasion, listen to great music and have you all warmed up for the rest of the evening and  go clubbing or pubbing after the party with your new friends or your new girlfriend or boyfriend.

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Things you need to know:

Prices include drinks and finger food.

Date: Friday, 12 January 2018 at 7p.m.

Confirmation deadline and payment: Tuesday, 9th January 2018 at 7p.m .

Deadline for confirmation and payment are non-negotiable.

Event starts at 7pm and ends 10pm.

Mixed event: men and women are invited.

Dress code: Casual, nothing too fancy (dress like you care)

Where to go: High Street Kensington Station. 

Drinks menu:

-Red Wine, Rose, Coke, Sprite, Gin& Tonic.

Food menu:

- Finger food 

Venue pictures