Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

from 6.00

Members and guests get a goody bag (all included in the price).

Members and new members goody bag: hand warmers, drink (hot chocolate or tea), snack (crisps).

Guests goody bag: hand warmers and drink(tea). 

Girls only (limited tickets).

Contact for questions:07858091072.

Please, please, please scroll down and read Things you need to know section, so you can enjoy this day with no hassles.

I'm in:
I'm in

Things you need to know:

-Meeting Point: Lancaster Gate Tube station (10 minutes walk from Winter Wonderland).

-Winter Wonderland is a lot of fun, but you've got to with friends or family, otherwise is just sad and lonely.

-There are plenty of attractions such as: ice skating, the ice bar, magical ice kingdom, circus, roller coasters, the hangover(they say is the closest you get to flying), Santa Land (if you're older than 15 you might not get a sit on Santa's Lap, but you can try, it will be a good laugh), Christmas Markets where you can spend your last pennies, and food, there's lots of sweets and 'diet killers' available almost everywhere (prices start from 2 pounds). If you wish to withdraw some money be aware that all the cash machines will charge you a fee, so if possible take some cash for this event (20-25 pounds will be enough, if you're not a big spender).

For attraction prices please check:

-Dress warm, really warm: heavy coats, wool or cashmere jumpers, gloves, knitted hats, warm socks. Forget sexiness and do the comfy look instead, ah! and take a small bag, you don't want to enjoy the attractions holding a brick.

If you're lost scroll down to check the exact location.