Christmas Dinner

Christmas Dinner


Event date and time: 24th of December, 2018 at 7:30p.m until 11:00p.m .

About the event: Well, this a short notice invitation for a Christmas dinner, yeah, yeah, Christmas is the time to spend with family and etc… ,but this Christmas you get to spend it with a family you chose (new and old friends) . If it’s going to be fun? You can’t go wrong with food, drinks and great company!

Who’s coming: people who seek to have a good time and spend Christmas in good company and of course, for the ones who want to have a blast! See you tomorrow guys and Merry Christmas.

Event fee: £5

Event fee does not include drinks and food. You get to choose whatever you want from their menu. the average price with main dessert and food will be around £35-£40. For menu information please click here

Things you need to know:

-Deadline to confirm your attendance:24th December 2018 until 1p.m .

-To confirm you attendance text: “Christmas” and your name on Tuesday, 24th of December 2018 until 1p.m .

-You can only pay at the venue on the day of the event .


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 Location:215 Askew Road, Shepherd's Bush, London, W12 9AZ

The venue is 10 mn. by bus from shepherd’s Bush station. You can either take 94 bus (24 hours bus) and 237 with stop at Paddenswick road.

For any questions, please contact:07858091072.