Hot Yoga and brunch with the girls

Hot Yoga and brunch with the girls

from 7.00

Date and time: Sunday, 18th of November 2018 at 11:15 a.m until 6p.m .

Weather: 13 degrees max./10 degrees min.

Who’s coming: women who are into yoga, or people wanting to try something new. Don’t worry if you have never done yoga, the teachers are amazing and they will assist you at anytime. Yoga event is for women only, but men can join us for brunch.

About the event: You will start your Sunday with a session of hot yoga. Everything happens inside a tent (pod) heated to 37 degrees that will make you sweat the hangover out of you. After this session you will feel super relaxed, energized and ready for our brunch at one of the most beautiful venues in Notting Hill. This will make you feel brand new and super ready for Monday!

People attending: 7 max.

Event fee: £20 (includes hot yoga session).

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Confirmation and payment deadline: Thursday 15th of November until 11p.m .

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Dress code: yoga/gym trousers, coat, warm jumper, flip flops, towel. We’re going for brunch after, so you might want to bring another pair of trousers and a sweater and shoes.


Location and meeting point: Notting Hill. Full location and meeting point details will be revealed on Saturday at 10p.m .