Lumiere London

Lumiere London

from 9.00

Date: Saturday, 20th January 2018 at 6p.m .

Confirmation and payment deadline:Friday, 19th January at 10a.m .

Confirmations post deadline are £3 extra for guests.

Members and guests get a goody bag (all included in the price).

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Meeting point:Kings Cross St.Pancras tube station near Boots entrance. There is only one Boots inside the tube station.

Picture of meeting point (Boots at Kings Cross St. Pancras tube.

Picture of meeting point (Boots at Kings Cross St. Pancras tube.

Dress code: it is really , really , really cold, so please bring  wool hat or a beret (whatever covers your head), gloves, scarf, a warm sweather and coat.If you really want to enjoy the lights festival, please bring these items, otherwise you will be dying to go home, because you're freezing. Ah! and bring a little umbrella just in case (example below, we don't know who she is, this picture is an example of the ideal dress code, not because is fashion but because is warm, not the glasses though).



Itinerary: The first installation you're are going to visit in King's Cross is called Lampounette, followed by Waterlicht, Aether and Entre Les Ranges. There are more installations along the way, so  feel free to have a look, and if you get lost from the group or want to see the installation on your own meet us at Boots again at 7:15.

Afterwards, we're going to take the tube (expect a huge crowd and long queues) in King's Cross St. Pancras to Picaddilly where you will see the Voyage, and then we will follow to Mayfair to take pictures of Illumaphonium,Mondes, Northern Lights, Neon Bikes, heading straight to Oxford Circus where we will find the Origin of the World. To end the night in Grande we're are going for drink in a secret location, 10 minutes walking from the last installation.

We missed three installations, but those are quite far and we tried to select locations that weren't so distant from one  another. But don't worry you will see many installations that are not on the itinerary.

Whoever feels tired or wants to go to the bar earlier , please feel free. We're going to give you the directions from the venue tomorrow.

Goody bags

Guests goody bag:  drink (tea or hot chocolate), sandwich.

 Members and new members goddy bag: hand warmers, drink (hot chocolate or tea), crisps, sandwich, chocolate bar..


All the texts and pictures were taken from Lumiere website, we are not using these pictures for commercial purpose, but to show you what are the installations that we are going to see. We try to summarize the texts as much as possible,  to ensure you could understand beforehand what's the meaning behind every installation. 


Lumiere video (don't just watch it, join us!)