Lunch at Italian and Oktoberfest!

Lunch at Italian and Oktoberfest!

from 5.00

Date and time: Saturday, 27th of October 2018 at 1:p.m until we have enough!

Weather: 8 degrees max./3 degrees min.

Who’s coming: men and women who enjoy great italian food and the best german beer (you don’t have to drink if you don’t want to), people who want to dance, have fun and enjoy a great time surrounded by new and old friends, after all is Oktoberfest!

About the event: This is the last Oktoberfest massive party for this year. So, if you haven’t been to one, this is your chance. We will start our Saturday, with delicious italian food and then head to Oktoberfest venue, an amazing and huge tent with capacity for 3000 people, so yeah, expect to make loads of friends. There will be beer (of course), music to have you dancing all night long and that festival vibe that makes you want to live 100 years more!!! .

Where to buy your ticket: There are different time slots to attend the festival. We’re going for lunch before and will arrive at the festival at 5p.m. To join us and get your ticket for 5:00p.m click here .

Number of people attending: 10 max.

Event fee does not include ticket to Oktoberfest.

Want to skip event fees? Become a HHC member and get complimentary drinks and discounts in every event you join us. More info on how to join here .

Confirmation and payment deadline: Thursday, 25th of October until 10p.m .

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Dress code: casual comfy and warm (coat, sweater, and comfortable shoes).

Venue picture

Venue picture


How to join us for Oktoberfest:

1) Purchase your ticket for Oktoberfest here , for Saturday, 27th of October 2018,for the 5:00p.m session (unreserved standing). Ticket price is £14.66.

2) Sign up for the event (Oktoberfest) at High Heels Club page and pay event fee. Event fee includes both Lunch at italian restaurant and Oktoberfest events.

3) Join us at the venue and have the time of your life with us.


Things you need to know to enjoy Oktoberfest to the fullest:

  • You don’t need to print ticket, you can download the e-ticket and show it when requested.

  • Bring ID.

  • The venue is fully heated. It is impressive howwarm it is inside, but if you would like to feel extra cozy, bring a warm sweater.

  • There were a lot of hot people eheh, guys and girls. This is not really an important fact, but it doesn’t hurt to mention it.

  • Bring cash (around £20)with you. There’s cash machines, but it charges you a £2.95 fee to withdraw money.

  • Pints of beer are huge and cost £6.50 each. If you would like to try German sausages ,the cost for a hot dog is £6 without onion and £6.50 with onion.

  • There’s wi-fi inside the venue.

Location and meeting point: Stratford (full location details will be revealed on Monday, 22nd October 2018, at 10p.m) .