Saturday partying with friends + Enchanted Forest

Saturday partying with friends + Enchanted Forest

from 5.00

Event date and time: Saturday, 3rd of November 2018 at 4p.m until midnighht.

Weather:11 degrees max./7 degrees min (cloudy and sunny).

Who’s coming: for people who want to make the most of their Saturday and love to be pampered with free massages and facials and finish their Saturday with great music, cocktails and with the best company.

About the event: this seems to be the PLACE to end your Friday evening, as this bar is considered one of the East London’s finest spot for a night out. Why? you ask. Probably because the Djs are over the top, the venue has a top-notch decor (think your rich interior designer best friend’s apartment, yup). The cocktails? I don’t really know, but with a “face like this”, who needs great cocktails?

Before heading to the bar we will make a quick stop at Enchanted Forest, an event hosted by Body Shop where you will get free massages and facials, followed by lunch at a real special place .

You can come to both events or only one. If you wish to meet us at the bar we will be there at 7:30p.m . Contact us if you have any question:07858091072

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Event fee: £7.00 men/£5 women . Fee can be paid online or on the day of the event.

People attending: 7 max.

Dress code: smart casual

Deadline for confirmation and payment:Thursday, 1st of November 2018 until 11p.m.

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Location and meeting point: Enchanted Forest is located in 106 Commercial Street, Spitalfields the nearest station to the venue is Algate station. We will meet at the Algate station exit at 4p.m. Call us when you get there:07858091072.

See map below for details.


Location and meeting point for Shoredicth Bar: the bar is called Shoreditch Platform and is located at 1 Kingsland Road , E2 8 AA , London , the nearest station is Liverpool Street station. We will meet at the venue’s door at 8:30p.m. Call us when you get there:07858091072.

See map below for details.

See map below