Sing, Drink, Sunbathe Party!

Sing, Drink, Sunbathe Party!


Event date: Friday, 6th of April, 2018 from 7p.m to 11p.m

Ticket include:drinks (alcoholic  and non-alcoholic beverages) and finger food.

The event: 16 degrees tomorrow and we're going to enjoy all of it , with party games, lots of food, friends, singing, and drinking!If you don't want to take part on the singing game, there's no problem, you can meet new people, make new friends, enjoy the great weather and beautiful view from our balcony, eat, drink and laugh about our perfomances. But one thing is for sure, whatever you choose to do at the party, you're going to have a blast! 
This is a all you can eat and drink party!

See you at the party.

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Payment method to purchase your ticket: Bank Transfer

Bank name:TSB

Account name:HHC

Sort code: 30-97-80

Account number:33635968




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What's going to happen at the Sing or Drink Party?

The party will start at 7pm as usual. Guests arrive eat, drink, get to know everyone at the party. After 1h30, the game will start. The game consistis in asking to each guest a question, about different topics, from the most polemic, to the craziest. You will get to choose which questions to ask and to whom. If you are the one answering the question correctly you will be invited to ask the following question to another guest, otherwise you will have to choose a penalty between singing or drinking.

If you choose drink, you will have a shot of any alcoholic beverage available at the party. If you choose sing, the guest who asked you the question will choose which song you will sing, according to our karaoke playlist (this is meant to be fun, so the songs and the questions are not going to be easy). 

Keep scrolling down, for venue, menu, and guestlist information.



Things you need to know:

Prices include drinks and finger food.

Event starts at 7pm and ends 11pm.

Mixed event: men and women are invited.

Dress code: smart casual. You can bring any shoes you like, but please dress like you care.


Our parties:the environment of our parties is usually quite laid back. The music won't be too loud, to ensure people can hear one another and have engaging conversations. When choosing the venues we always opt for the ones who look  like "your best friend's lounge room". Something cozy, comfortable and that allows people to feel comfortable.

The venue is located in Holland Park, near Kensington.

Who's attending: People in their mid-twenties and early forties. Mostly professionals from different sectors, seeking to make new friends and enjoy a relaxing evening after work.





White wine, Red wine, Water, Orange Juice, Coca-Cola, Sprite,Sangria, Vodka and Orange juice, Vodka lemon, Beer, Gin & Tonic, Tequila, Jagermeister.

Food (finger food)

Crisps, crackers, cheese, sausage rolls, nachos, olives.





Names: Mariano, Alessia, Francesco, Robbie, Carly, Letizia, Avinash, Shalin, James, Pedro, Zahir, Christina, Chantelle,Maya,Kratik, Suzanne, John, Charlie,  Gabi,Russel, Sara, Jonathan, Simona, Richard.

Please RSVP on time!

In case you RSVP on time and there's no place for you. we will put you on a waiting list and send you message to inform you about it.


Venue name: Safestay Hostel

Where to go: Holland Park, Holland Walk, Kensington, London W8 7QU

We advice you to take tube or bus. No worries, this area has great link to overground, underground and buses that will take you to central London.


Venue Location


Venue Directions

The best way to get to the venue is by getting to High Street Kensington tube station. From there you turn left (towards Wasabi) and walk for 6 minutes (0.3 miles).

Tube: take Circle line to Victoria and get out in High Street Kensington.

Buses to get to High Street Kensington- 10, 9, 27, 28, 328.


After walking 6 minutes (0.3 miles) you will find Waitrose. You cross the road and you will find the entrance to Holland Park.


This is the entrance to Holland Park (number 1 on the picture), right next to Byron (number 2 on the picture).

Please use only this entrance to access the hostel.

 Get inside the park , through the entrance (number 1 on the picture)  and walk straight for about 4 minutes, and turn your first left, you will see a tree with lights and the venue is there. We really advice you to arrive on time, to enjoy the party.


View from distance to Holland Park entrance (near Waitrose)  to Safestay Hostel 3-4 mn walk.


Venue's entrance- Once you get there ask at the reception where the Lounge Room is.If you have any questions call me:07858091072.