Frequently asked questions

What’s the minimum and maximum age to attend High Heels Club events?

The minimum age to attend to our events is 18 years old .There’s no maximum age. We believe people are as old as they feel, as they look.

What is a High Heels Club guest?

A guest is a person that is not registered as a member. When you’re not registered as a member you don’t pay any monthly fee, but you do pay an event fee everytime you join us at our events.

Why High Heels Club guests pay an event fee?

Both guests and members pay a fee .The difference is that members pay a monthly fee which entitles them to get benefits and guests pay a fee at every event and have less benefits than members. We always advice people to first try our events as a guest and once they feel comfortable they can register as member at any time. The event fee and monthly fee cover all the expenses to keep the business running, and to ensure we offer the best experience for you on every event.

What am I paying for, when I pay an event fee?

Running a business in London, whether small or big is time and money consuming, and we try our best to keep the prices as low as we can for our customers.

The event and monthly fee are a great help to keep the business running and to ensure we provide the best experience we can for you. The fee guest and members pay includes:

  • Transportation costs: the fees not only cover transportation to get us to the events, but also transportation within the events for members and guests (more specifically uber rides).

  • Website costs.

  • Food and drinks (this costs are only covered when we are attending the event with you. ex: when we take you to a restaurant /bar/cafe).

  • Admission tickets to specific events (concerts, festivals, exhibitions and all the events that require buying a ticket).

Is it better to be a guest or a member?

If you never tried our events, we advice you to come as a guest. If you already tried and loved our events, than being a member will bring more benefits, because you can get freebies, discounts to ticketed events, free drinks and meals. It pays off more to be a member, because you don’t have to pay event fee, everytime you join us and you get all the benefits of being a member.

How do I become a member?

Just pick the event you would like to attend on Events page, select Time, Date, Location and I’m coming as Member and click I’m in. Follow the required steps to conclude your membership payment and show up at the event, that we will sort out the rest.

Do we have any contract for members?

No . It works pretty much like Pure Gym, you can leave at anytime. If you paid for membership this month and would like to attend next months events as a guest, we won’t charge you for the following month. You only need to send us an e-mail with 2 weeks in advance before the following month starts to cancel your membership.