Members & Guests


How do I become a member?

1. To become a member,  choose the event you would like to attend.

2. Select location, date and time and choose  New member or Member (in case you are already a member) at the event page, then click on I'm in.

3. Procceed with payment and wait for email confirmation.

4. Attend the event and have fun!


What members get by paying membership

-Discounts on every event they attend, freebies (food, clothes, transport), gift cards and goodiebags.

-Priority over guests on busy events.

-Do not pay event fees.

- Are allowed to suggest and host events.

-Get 5% share on suggested events. If the event you've suggested is successful we will give you 5% share of that event.

Exciting, right? So why don't you share your idea for your next event here? Fill the form bellow and send us your idea, and we will reply as soon as possible.

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Can I lose my benefits as a member?

You only lose your benefits as a member if you fail to pay your membership for the month.


How to become a registered guest?

1. To become a registered guest select  the event name, location, date and time and choose Guest at the event page. Then ,click on I'm in page .

2. Then ,click on I'm in page .

3. Procceed with the payment and wait for your email confirmation.

4. Join us and have fun!


Guests benefits


-Are entitled to participate on HHC challenges.

-Join HHC events as a guest is great if you are a tourist, if you're coming to London for a short period, or  want to try one of our events without paying the monthly fee. Although you don't benefit from discounts on every event, you can always participate on our challenges, get points and use them to get a free month membership. 



Punctuality & Behaviour

In respect to all the members and guests, we request that you are punctual when attending HHC events. This not only allows you to enjoy every minute of the event, but also prevents delays.

Whether you're a member or a guest we hope you enjoy HHC events and have the best time of your life with us, but bare in mind that an event is only successful when you come with the  "I want to have fun" attitude and that bullying or disrespectful behaviour towards other members and guests are annoying and a deal breaker and might ultimately lead to your expulsion from the event and the Club.

We all can be happy without making fun of people or acting in a disrespectful manner.