Mruga Patel

Do you know that person who's difficult to have a fight with? yup, she is one of them (she can still be pretty "fightable" though). Intelligent, bossy, and a giving soul—you don't need to know much about Mruga to instantly become friends with her. Her laugh and energy are contagious, but her listening skills are undoubtedly her best asset. If you want a friend who listens with heart, eyes and mind focus on what you're saying, then she's the one. 

Don't be fooled by the fancy pose in this picture, because this one is a woman for all fields, she's ready to have fun and get out of her comfort zone by trying adventurous things (please switch off pervert mode, she's a good girl), whether you follow her or not. If you want to learn how to treat people and enjoy life, then Mruga is the example to follow.

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Maria NgunzaComment