All guests and members of the High Heels Club are required to comply with the following terms and conditions of the High Heels Club:

1. High Heels Club expects a high standard of behaviour from all members and guests. Bullying, harassment, misconduct or any other behaviour that threaten the good environment of our events will not be tolerated and will result in the removal of any offenders from the venue.

2. All members are required to be a minimum of 18 years of age and must have a legal right to live in the UK.

3. New members and members  are required to pay a mandatory monthly fee of £20. Members will need to renew subscription monthly, at no additional cost, to continue use of the service. Payments should be made at the start of every month. HHC works on a no-contract basis, therefore there are no long term commitments for subscribers. Payments can be made to the HHC bank account, as shown on the registration page. Alternatively, we also accept PayPal payments, however this will be subjected to a charge of £1.00.

3.1 This monthly fee is not inclusive of events costs.

3.2 Once enrolment is processed and accepted by the High Heels Club team, members will have access to all discounts from High Heels Club partnerships.

3.3 Non-members are permitted to attend events on the provision a registration is made through the website and a payment of £7 is made. An additional cost of £7 will be charged for each event plus the fare of the event.

3.4 The standard fee charged to non-members is £7 . High Heels Club staff reserves the right to change this fee for the following events: concerts, festivals, trips outside and inside UK, and all other events with costs starting from £30.

4. All members willing to participate in any activity or event will be responsible for their own method of transport. Transport will be provided on specified events and those with long journeys.

5. HHC aims to host events and activities every week. To attend, all members and guests must make the payment prior to every event.

6. Any cancellations must be notified within twelve hours of the event for a full refund. Members will not be reimbursed if they fail to comply with these regulations. This is applicable to all events.

6.1 Refunds will be issued to all members and guests for any events cancelled or postponed by HHC due to any unforeseen circumstances. All members and guests will be notified within four days of the event should there be any cancellations. 

6.2 High Heels Club has a refund policy for Friay Parties. Every member or guests who changes his/her mind regarding attending the party on a designated Friday, can request a refund on the day of the party i.e Friday , until 12p.m. After 12 p.m the request for a refund will not be valid and High Heels Club team will not be able to refund the money.

7. Delays and continuous absences without any compelling reasons will be regarded as disrespectful behaviour towards the club members and may lead to membership being rescinded.

8. Feedback and suggests from members and guests are welcome. Any suggestions will be subject to the revision and approval by HHC.

9. High Heels Club has the right to terminate membership for cause at any time. A member or guest who conducts themselves in an unbecoming manner, or violates any terms of this agreement, may have their membership discontinued from HHC

10. Members are entitled to benefit from discounts at HHC events, receive goodie bags, bonuses, freebies, and all the latest news

11. Guests are entitled to attend events, receive goodie bags and bonuses on selected events, which be on a monthly basis. Members who cancel monthly payments will no longer recieve benefits.

12. HHC events consist of activities, which are intended and conducted in a respectful and stimulating manner. We aim to hosts events that are original and imaginative. All members and guests may refuse participation at any time. 

13.  HHC Talk

All the information exchanged during an hour session at HHC Talk will be treated as private and confidential. Confidentiality means that High Heels Club staff has the responsibility to safeguard information obtained during our talk. All identifying information about your assessment is kept confidential, except as mandated by law.  In certain situations we might be required by law to reveal information obtained during our talk, to other persons or agencies without your consent. In such situations, High Heels Cub staff is not required to inform you their actions. Please note the following exceptions to confidentiality:

  • Confidentiality does not apply to cases of suspected abuse/neglect of children or the elderly.
  •  Confidentiality does not apply to cases of potential harm to self or others. 
  •   Confidentiality does not apply to cases involving criminal proceedings, except communications by a person voluntarily involved in a substance abuse program.
  • Confidentiality may not apply in cases involving legal proceedings affecting the parent-child relationship.
  •  Confidentiality may not apply to cases involving a minor child.